Archived Series

Sometimes it’s simply not possible to attend Sunday Worship at Celebration.  We understand.  So we uploaded several sermons to listen to until we see you again.  Enjoy!  (Also, click HERE to go to our Youtube page)

GREATEST SERMON EVER – Some sermons are considered great for a time but end up being quickly forgotten.  Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount has lasted for almost 2000 years and it is still ground breaking and relevant.   (Summer 2018)

TRUTH FOR LIFE – One of the most well-known and quoted chapters of the Bible is Romans 8.  It was written to believers who are beginning to grasp their new  identity because of Jesus.  Join us and hear “Truth For Life!”    (April 2018)

AT THE CROSS – Six hours on a Friday 2000 years ago changed the course of history forever. As we head into Easter, come to discover the life-transforming power of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross through the eyes of the people who were there.   (March 2018)

THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JAKE ISAACSON – It is often said how everyone has a story.  Join us next week as we start our new sermon series: The Life & Times of Jake Isaacson.  Join us as we look at how God overcomes our natural independence from God and makes us his family.   (February 2018)

KICKSTART – Stuck in a rut and needing a new start?  In this series we hope you will discover how taking small steps of faith can KICKSTART your spiritual growth this year.  (January 2018)

ADVENT: The Grinches That Steal Christmas  – Too many things that can steal the joy of Christmas. This Christmas at Celebration, we’re going to expose those “Grinch’s” and bring our hearts back to what Christmas is all about.  It’s going to be a fun-filled series that will bring hope and joy for the season! (December 2017)

PATHWAYS TO FREEDOM  – Many people look at the 10 Commandments as a burden to follow or an outdated list of morals which do not fit our culture anymore.  But God’s expectations for his people were never meant to be a burden.  They were to give us guidelines so we could live in freedom!  (Summer 2017)

SONGS OF ADVENT  – There are many songs in the Bible which were sung to celebrate of the coming of Jesus to earth as a baby.  Listen to these songs of great celebration which we enjoy at Christmas!   (December 2016)