Next steps

Commit to Attend Church – We think there is something great happening at Celebration!  This is a place where you can worship God from the depths of your soul, and hear the good news of Jesus.  This might be the best time of your entire week!

Ask Questions – Don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially about your spiritual life.  Life with Jesus isn’t a rule book to follow; it’s about your journey through life with him.  Questions are great ways to start conversations about living life with Jesus.

Connect in a Group – Fact #1: there are no perfect people at Celebration.  We sometimes call ourselves “The Church of Misfit Toys.”  We all have a story!  Fact #2: The Christian life was meant to be lived in community.  We are starting new groups all the time!

Get Involved-A church becomes a church home when you get involved!  We seek to make a difference in the Muskegon area.  Whether you choose efforts at Celebration or have your own cause, we are all called to  help transform this world for Jesus!

Connect with US

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