Hand 2 Hand

Over 80,000 kids in West Michigan receive free and reduced lunch at school 5 days a week. That does not include the weekend! That’s roughly 1,112 school buses filled with kids being dropped off at home each weekend who are at real risk of having little to no food for 68 hours! Hand 2 Hand exists to eliminate that 68 hour gap so every kid has an opportunity to thrive. Hand 2 Hand does that by mobilizing schools, churches, businesses and individuals to provide a backpack of nutritious food over the weekend.

Celebration Community Church has partnered with Campbell Elementary School.  Why is it needed? 70% of Campbell kids qualify for free or reduced breakfast and lunch which means that those families are living at or below poverty level.  Kids coming to school hungry, on Monday don’t learn well, are distracted and often times are lashing out.

How can we help?  We need volunteers to help manage the program, grocery shopping, pantry management, meal planning, packing and delivery to the school.  Who do I contact if I have questions? You can talk to Terri or Bill Albrecht at church or give us a call at  231-759-2104.

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