Celebration Midweek – July 5

1. SUMMER HOT DOG ROAST – You are invited to join us for our annual Summer Hot Dog Roast immediately following our 10:30AM worship service. The church will be providing the hot dogs, condiments, table service, and beverages. Plan on bringing a yummy salad or dessert to share!  Hope to see you there!

2. 5TH SUNDAY WORSHIP – We are planning to have the Oasis children worship with their parents on months which have a 5th Sunday.  This gives both teachers and children a break.  We will have “Busy Bags” available if your child needs them.  We will also have a special time for the children during the service.


July 5, Baby Basics, 10:00AM.

July 5, Women’s Bible Study, 10:30AM.  We continue in “1000 Gifts” by Ann Voskamp.

July 5, Wednesday Night Bible Study, 6:45PM.

July 9, Summer Hot Dog Roast after the morning worship.

July 9, Youth Group Event at Cerminaro’s, 6:00-8:30PM

July 10, Council/Elder/Deacon Teams meet, 6:30PM

July 14, Play to Learn Class resumes, 10:00AM at church.

July 19, Book Club, 6:30PM at Grand Traverse Pie Company.  The book will be  “Broken For You”  by Stephanie Kallos.

Aug. 9, Unity Fest Free Day, 5:00-10:00PM.



Prayer Focus: Croatia

  • Pray for growing numbers of house churches to affect the grip of communism.
  • Pray for evangelism and discipleship of Cuban expatriates around the world.
  • Pray for more Bibles and other Christian resources to be made available to this thirsting nation.
  • For the video and more info, go to http://prayercast.com/cuba.html

Local Prayers:

  • Pray for Bill Essenberg at the passing of his mom this week.
  • Pray for those needing to forgive but are resisting it.
  • Pray for John Barrett’s brother who has cancer.
  • Praise God forGod’s work in Balama Mozambique where God used Brenda Lange to lead 10 young men to Jesus last week!
  • Pray for Micha who survived a self-inflicted gun shot to the head.
  • “Pray for me to hold on to my faith as I grive in the loss of my best friend.”
  • Pray for us all to always model Christ’s love for our children.
  • Pray for Jan Thompson who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer.
  • Pray for God to bless marriages beginning this summer.
  • Praise God for our country where we have the freedom to worship Almighty God.
  • Praise God for Charlie Schmok’s arm is healing well.
  • Pray for grown children who are making poor choices.
  • Pray for Susan Schmoks’ daughter who is “returning to normal life after 10 years in the Navy.”
  • “Praise God for helping me through a tough week.”
  • Praise God for those beginning a new journey with Jesus after a long time without him!
  • Pray for rest for area pastors.
  • Pray for memorable family trips this summer.
  • Pray for healing and comfort for Lilia DuRose’s mom.
  • Pray for God to heal our land and bring us as a nation back to him.
  • Pray for those facing bleak financial situations.
  • Pray for those with incurable illnesses.
  • Continue to pray for Wayne Kittle as he still is having balance issues.
  • Praise God for friends and family to get us through the tough times.
  • Pray for healthy pregnancies.
  • Pray for our president and other governmental leaders.
  • Pray for the leadership of Celebration.
  • Pray for those who struggle with depression.
  • Pray for peace and loving relationships within families.
  • Pray for those who have lost jobs recently.
  • Pray for wisdom to seek God in all the changes in life
  • Pray for marriages which need God’s loving touch.
  • Pray for people in ministry to not grow weary in their work but look to God for strength.

Author: Celebration Community Church

It’s nearly impossible to come to Celebration Community Church and not feel welcomed and loved!

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