3 Things to Know This Week at Celebration

THANKSGIVING EVE DINNER AND SERVICE – Wednesday, Nov. 22, 6:00PM – Plan on celebrating Thanksgiving with our friends at New Hope Baptist Church. SIGN UP at the info booth for a dish to pas! The dinner begins at 6:00PM and the service at 7:00PM. See you at there! Check out our Thanksgiving Eve invitation from Rev. Tolbert Click HERE!

GrinchADVENT: The Grinches that Steal Christmas – There are too many things that can steal the joy of Christmas.  This Christmas at Celebration, we’re going to expose those “Grinch’s” and bring our hearts back to what Christmas is all about.  It’s going to be a fun-filled series that will bring hope and joy for the season!

STUDENTS – Our Student Ministries will meet Sunday, November 19 at 5:00PM in the Fireside Room.  Lesson: “Is Jesus Coming Back Again?”

Nov 17, Play to Learn Class in the Oasis Room, 10:00AM.
Nov 19, Student Ministries Meeting, 5:00PM in the Fireside Room
Nov. 22, Thanksgiving Eve Dinner and Service, 6:00PM at New Hope Baptist Church
Dec 6, Baby Basics, 10:00AM in the Fireside Rm
Dec 10, Student Ministries Christmas Party, 6:00PM

Pray for Jenna, Brenda Swanson’s daughter, who is trying to stop contractions in her high-risk pregnancy.  Please pray for her and her babies.
Pray for Steve & Lilia DuRose who have been dealing with asthma and other health issues.
Pray for our students as their “job” is learning at school each day.
Pray for those with complicated health issues.
Praise God for the Play to Learn Class for Love, Inc. which is going well.
Pray that God would help people to grow closer to God and each other in Small Groups at Celebration.
Continue to pray for the Sutherland Springs church in Texas where 26 people were shot.
Prayers for our church that we will grow in love and faith for all members as the body of Christ!
Pray for the Prayer Group meeting on Wednesday evenings at 6:30PM.
Pray for Wendy (Robin Dykstra’s friend) at the passing away of her husband on Saturday.
Pray for the people around us to see the truth of Jesus Christ and for us to be bold to share the truth with them.
Pray for those coming to the end of their battle with heart issues.
Pray for many teachers who are dealing with many issues within the classroom which makes it difficult to focus on teaching.
Pray for 1st grade teacher Mrs. Cooper who has on vocal rest because severe nodules on here vocal chords is causing some paralysis.
Pray for students who have trouble connecting with difficult teachers.
Pray for married couples experiencing stress due to bleak financial situations.
Pray for Sandy Ring’s friend Nan who has skin cancer which has gone to their lymph nodes.
Pray for the family of Emma Orr.  Emma died recently cancer and the family’s grief is deep.
Pray for marriages splitting up and the emotional scars left behind.
Pray for those helping to organize the next phase of the building project.
Pray for those affected by the church shooting in San Antonio.
Pray for Bill Essenberg who’s cancer has returned.
Pray for those recently rescued from sex trafficking.
Pray for Jill Bennett who is rehabbing in Grand Rapids.

Pray for the Prince of Peace to bring about meaningful reconciliation between Jewish and Arab leaders.
Pray for Christian leaders to boldly live out the gospel in spite of attack and betrayal .
Pray for demonstrations of love and concern for Palestinian exiles.
Follow the link to see the video: http://prayercast.com/gaza-strip-and-west-bank.html

Pastor Matt Eenigenburg
Celebration Community Church
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Muskegon, MI 49441
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