October At Celebration!

Related imageAED AT CHURCH
Help us get a free AED at Celebration Community Church. Heartsmart.com has an AED Donation Program where a church can get an AED if they can get 1000 people to “like” their page.

SO, please help us by doing these 3 things:
1) go to Heartsmart.com‘s Facebook page.
2) Click “Like” for their page.
3) Paste a message on their page which says “Celebration Community Church Likes 4 Lives”. (Very Important!)
4) Invite your friends to help us reach 1000 Facebook likes!

That’s it!  Let’s see if we can accomplish this by November 1!

You will taste some of the best chili on the planet on October 14 after church! You will want to taste what is in every crock pot!  Bring a pot of your best red or white chili.  This is such a great event to invite a friend to join you!

Image result for “Never Let Me Go” Kazuo Ishiguro

Next book club meeting will be on Wednesday October 17 at 6:30PM at the Glenside Pub.  We will be reading “Never Let Me Go” by Kazua Ishiguro.

Image result for pastor appreciationPASTOR APPRECIATION
Every October across North America churches give special attention to appreciating their pastors in tangible ways. There is a basket on the Info Booth to place cards.  We may even have a cake and sing about him which will really embarrass him!

Meeting at Church—Oct 14, 5:30-7:30PM.  LESSON: “Who is the Holy Spirit and what does he do?”
3rd Sunday — Oct 21, 5:30-7:30. We will be carving pumpkins so bring a friend and a pumpkin and some clothes which may or may not get dirty.

Oct 3, Baby Basics, 10AM in the Fireside Room
Oct 3, Women’s Bible Study, 10:30AM in Fireside Room.
Oct 5, Play to Learn Class Resumes, 10:00AM in the Fireside Room
Oct 14, Annual Chili Cook-Off, 11:45AM
Oct 14, Youth Group Meeting, 5:30PM at church
Oct 17, Book Club Meeting at the Pita Place.
Oct 21, Youth Group Pumpkin Carving, 5:30PM
Oct 22, Council Meeting, 6:30PM
Oct 28, Seeker Small Group meets, after the worship service.
Nov 21, Thanksgiving Eve Meal & Service with New Hope Baptist, 5:30PM


Please remember, each of these prayer requests are a person, a family, a cry of a person’s heart.  Some requests do not have names attached because the situation calls for confidentiality.  God knows the names and their needs.  Thanks for keeping this in mind.

Pray for the students in the Youth Ministry.
Pray for Patti Lacy who has viral bronchitis.
Pray for families trying to work together as a family.
Pray for those still feeling the effects of Hurricane Florence.
Pray for conflicts among friends to be worked out and peace to return.
Pray for a great start for the small groups starting up this fall.
Pray for efforts to begin ministries to students at Mona Shores High School and the middle school.
Pray for the busy schedules of our students.
Pray for Lilia DuRose’s medical issues and the relief she seeks.
Praise God for new employment!
“Pray for our nation and the leaders we have in the face of political unrest and growing tensions.”

World Missions Prayers: PRAY FOR MONTENEGRO
Pray for those who practice cultural Christianity to focus on pleasing God rather than men.
Pray for genuine forgiveness between ethnic groups that have been at war for decades.
Pray for sensitive and effective outreach to Muslims who are hostile to Christianity.
Watch this Youtube video to pray specifically for this country: https://prayercast.com/montenegro.html

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It’s nearly impossible to come to Celebration Community Church and not feel welcomed and loved!

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