Fun Times in November!

We want to thank all who helped at the Work Bee on Monday and Tuesday!  It was a great turn out and a lot of fun!  Make sure you check out all the vacuuming, dusting, table wiping, organizing, carpet installing, light fixture hanging, and more which was accomplished!

Image result for Lilac GirlsBOOK CLUB
The Book Club is reading “Lilac Girls” by Martha Hall Kelly.  They will meet at the Russ’ on Henry street on Tuesday, November 13 @ 6:30PM.  Contact Brian or Sue Vredevoogd for more information:

We have so much to thank God for this year!  Let’s celebrate with our friends from New Hope Baptist church on November 21.  The evening starts at 6:00PM with a meal followed at 7:00PM with a time of worship to our God! This will be an interactive, intergenerational event with active participation in thanking God.  See you there!

Yard Clean Up — Nov 3, 9:00AM-Noon. Meet at the Ring’s home (3455 Valley View, Muskegon)!  Bring some gloves, a rake, and your work clothes as we will help clean up their yard.  We will have some pizza at noon!
Meeting at Church—Nov 11, 5:30-7:30PM.  LESSON: “Why are the Sacraments so Important?”

Calvin Christian Reformed Church on Nortan Ave. is looking for a maintenance/custodian. This person will be responsible for cleaning, maintenance and general set up of the church building and grounds. The job requires up to 32 hours per week. If you are interested, please contact Vickie Curtis by phone 231-737-5207 or by email Job descriptions are available and a resume is required.

Nov 1, Classis Muskegon Meets at Covenant Life Church at 7PM
Nov 2, Play to Learn, 10:00AM in Fireside Room
Nov 3, Clocks Change Back 1-Hour
Nov 4, Fellowship Team Meeting
Nov 5, Couple’s Small Group Bible Study, 6:30PM
Nov 6, Election Day.  GO VOTE!
Nov 7, Baby Basics, 10AM in the Fireside Room
Nov 7, Women’s Bible Study, 10:30AM in Fireside Room.
Nov 11, Seeker Small Group meets, after the worship service.
Nov 11, Youth Group Meeting, 5:30PM at church
Nov 13, Book Club Meeting at 6:30PM at the Russ’ on Henry.
Nov 12, Council Meeting, 6:30PM
Nov 21, Thanksgiving Eve Meal & Service with New Hope Baptist, 5:30PM
Nov 24, Pray for Muskegon

Praise God for a clean PET scan!  Still cancer-free!
Praise God for the work of Orphans Unlimited to use a soccer game with another village to tell teenagers about Jesus!  Praise God for those coming to know Jesus!
Pray for those who are “under the weather”.
“Pray for those who pray for everyone but themselves.”
Pray for Sandy Ring and her cataract surgery on Wednesday.
Pray for those affected by the killings at the Synagogue last week.
Pray for families with deep conflicts among parents and adult children.
Pray for families to be transformed into loving places to raise kids.
Pray for those struggling with addictions who are trying to break free from its grip.
Pray for those with undisclosed medical issues.  Their pain is real!
“Pray for our families and friends.”
Pray for the people hoping to be elected in November.  Pray for clean consciences for those who are voting.
Praise God for employment!  Pray for those in search of employment.
Praise God for family members who love you no matter what.
Pray for peaceful resolutions to conflict in families.
“I want to thank God our father for all our blessings, and everyone at Celebration.”
Please pray for Natalie Simms-Harris. She attended Celebration 3-4 years ago before she got married and moved to Kalamazoo. Since then her husband died and she has Lupus.

World Missions Prayers: MYANMAR
Pray for peace and justice to reign in an impoverished land whose ethnically diverse peoples have suffered greatly.
Pray for effective evangelism that would penetrate the hearts of a staunchly Buddhist majority.
Pray for those believers who face tremendous harassment and persecution for their Christian faith.
Watch this Youtube video to pray specifically for this country:

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