Celebration News – Nov. 14

WHAT food are you bringing to the Thanksgiving Meal at Celebration on THURSDAY, November 21?  Also, WHO are you bringing?  We have so much to thank God for this year!  Let’s celebrate with our friends from New Hope Baptist church.  The meal starts at 6:00PM followed at 7:00PM with a time of worship to our God! This will be an interactive, inter-generational event with active participation in thanking God.  See you there!

Image result for youtubeYOUTUBE CHANNEL
Did you know we had a Youtube channel?  We put the messages from each Sunday on Youtube for you and your friends in case you missed it.  We hope and pray they will be helpful for you.  Go to https://www.youtube.com/user/celebrationmuskegon and subscribe to see more from Sunday morning at Celebration!

BOOK CLUBImage result for black water lilies
The Book Club is reading “Black Waterlillies” by Michel Bussi.  Join the discussion on Wednesday, December 12 at 6:30 at Egg Roll House. Contact Brian or Sue Vredevoogd for more information: bvrede13@aol.com.

3rd Sunday — Nov 18, 12:00-2:30PM. Meet at church and we will go to the World Mission Thrift Store to help them.  The proceeds of the items they sell go towards placing Bibles across the world.  We will have lunch then go to the store to sort clothes and help them prepare the store for the next week.
Meeting at Church—Dec 9, 5:30-7:30PM.  LESSON: “What is Salvation All About?”

Nov 16, Play to Learn, 10:00AM in Fireside Room
Nov 18, 3rd Sunday – Youth Ministry to World Mission Thrift Store
Nov 19, Council Meeting, 6:30PM
Nov 21, Women’s Bible Study, 10:30AM in Fireside Room.
Nov 21, Thanksgiving Eve Meal & Service with New Hope Baptist, 6:000PM
Nov 24, Pray for Muskegon
Dec 1, Council Retreat at Cerminaro’s, 9:00AM
Dec 5, Baby Basics, 9:30AM in the Fireside Room
Dec 9, Youth Group Meeting, 5:30PM at church
Dec 12, Book Club Meeting at 6:30PM at the Egg Roll House.
Dec 16, Congregational Meeting

“Pray for Tom & Ashley’s job struggle.”
“Pray for Tom’s father who has lung cancer.”
“Pray for my new business.”
“I am blessed.  My family is happy and at peace.  I have a good job, a nice home, and a wonderful church to call home.  It would not be a wonderful life without the prayers of those that love me that are around me.”
“I am so happy to be at Celebration today!”
Pray for exam week for many students.
Praise God for birthdays to celebrate!
Pray for those experiencing loads of stress.
Pray for Carmen’s grandma who has back issues.
Pray for our parents.
Pray for Mia who plans to meet her dad for the first time.
Pray for the “Anti Intestinal Worm” Campaign in Mozambique.
Praise God for the freedom to worship each Sunday!
Pray for those finding it difficult to be thankful this year.
Pray for Kelly, friend of Eve Zwolinski, whose husband died recently.
Praise God for Pastor Rick who is starting his 3rd year of ministry at Spirit of Life Church in Muskegon!
Pray for Pastor Jim as he will travel to Israel in February to visit the Holy Land!
Pray for the lonely and depressed.
Praise God for reuniting with old friends.
Pray for Lester Crumb as he battles cancer.
Pray for new Bible Studies which hopefully will be starting soon.
Praise God for those willing and able to praise God with their voices and every other part of their lives too.
Pray for babies who come into this world addicted to drugs.
Praise God for new beds!
Pray for “sanity” in dealing with family issues.
“Pray for our nation with the recent shooting in Pennsylvania at the Jewish synagogue and bombs being sent to people through the mail.”
Praise God for smooth elections in our country.

World Missions Prayers: NEPAL
Pray for Jesus to be made known among unreached peoples in hard-to-access locations.
Pray for biblical training and Christlikeness for a rising generation of church leaders.
Pray for the Living God to restore those devastated by the earthquakes.
Watch this Youtube video to pray specifically for this country: https://prayercast.com/nepal.html

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