council3COUNCIL: It is that time of year again when we have elders and deacons that have fulfilled their time of service.  We are in need of three people.  If you are willing to fill one of the 2 elder or the one deacon position, or you know of someone that you think would be an asset to one of them, please let Doug Bergman know.

Silent Patient (2)BOOK CLUB: The next book is “The Silent Patient,” by Alex Michaelides.  It will be in Brenda Swanson’s garage on March 10th, at 6:30 pm.

What if-promo (2)CONTINUING SERIES THIS SUNDAY: What if we dared to do what Jesus asked of us?  Among the things Jesus asked of his followers was to forgive others, give of themselves, and to   allow God transform them personally.  Imagine what this would look like in your life?  Join us for our next series where we dare to ask the question: What if?” This Sunday is What if: we gave second chances ?

mm1MEN’S MINISTRY MEETING: There will be a Men’s Ministry meeting on  March 16th at 7am.  All materials will be  provided and all men are welcome.  Any  questions, please contact Gary Post. 

spring forward3TIME CHANGE: Remember that next Sunday, March 14th, is time change.  Spring forward or you will be late for church.



March 8, Council Meeting

March 10, Book Club

March 16, Men’s Ministry Meeting

March 24, Pray Muskegon


Youth ministriesYOUTH MINISTRIES CORNER  (6-12th Grade)

Next Meeting:  Sunday March 14

On Deck: March 28


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