What’s Happening at Celebration

Bear Town (2)BOOK CLUBThe next book is “Bear Town,” by Fredrik Backman. It will be TOMOROW April 14th  in Brenda Swanson’s garage (or on the deck if the weather is nice)  at 6:30 pm.

safetyMASKSThis is just a reminder for all.  We are starting to see many new faces back in church on Sunday, some of which we have not seen since the start of Covid (due to health reasons.)  I know this is a debatable issue (for some) but for the safety of everyone, the Council is still requiring that a mask be worn at all times in the building.

conferenceTHIS WEEK PASTOR MATT IS AT A CONFERENCE: (April 12-15) Pastor Matt is at a conference.  If you have any prayer requests during that time, please contact your Care elder, or email them to Mindy at either the church’s email or her email.

serving 3CELEBRATION NEEDS YOUR SERVICEIt is that time of year again when we have elders and deacons that have fulfilled their time of service.  We are in need of three people.  If you are willing to fill one of the 2 elder or the 1 deacon position, or you know of someone that you think would be an asset to one of them, please let any council member know.

We Believe Promo (2)CONTINUING SERMON SERIESWe Believe: The Apostles Creed has been the   unifying statement of faith for all Christians for 2000 years.  Join us as we dig into the foundational basics which still unite us.  Even today, this is the good news which WE BELIEVE! This week is:  When God Comes Near. 


April 12-15, Pastor Matt is at a Conference

April 18, Youth Ministries

April 19, Council Meeting

May 6, National Day of Prayer


Youth ministriesYOUTH MINISTRIES CORNER  (6-12th Grade)

Next Meeting:  April 18th


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