HAPPY midwee!

Rebuild, restore, renewNEXT SERMON SERIES: RE-Build, RE-Store, RE-New Things break. They wear down. They change. They require us to make necessary adjustments so we can thrive again. The story of Nehemiah helps us see how God leads his people to rebuild, restore, and renew every area of life for him. 



Do you have a heart to volunteer your time? Do you like kids, greeting, helping people to feel safe, or talking to people? We could use your help on Sundays. Contact Dick DeBoer or Roger Doctor to let them know of your interest.


9. HamnetBOOK CLUB: Join us for our monthly book club meeting. It will be at IHop at 6:30pm on February 1st. The book for the month is Hamnet by Maggie O’Farrell.




Motorists navigate a city street in white out conditions.

 SNOW POLICY: Having grown up in Minnesota, Pastor Matt is slow to cancel service.   He does ask you to use your best discretion as to whether you feel it is safe to drive. If he   does decide to cancel, he will call it in to WZZM by 9am that day.


Author: Celebration Community Church

It’s nearly impossible to come to Celebration Community Church and not feel welcomed and loved!

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