3 Things to Know This Week at Celebration

soupSOUP & SALAD LUNCHEON  February 4, Noon.  Don’t go home to cook.  Stay at church and enjoy a meal with family, friends, and to-be friends!  This Sunday, bring a pot of soup, a salad, or some rolls, and a friend who needs a great meal with friends.  This is one of the best events of the year!

CHILDREN’S AREA BUILDING PROJECT – Please keep this project in your prayers as we seek donations needed for the construction remodel. Get ready for the update from Roger Doctor at church on Sunday!

movie-nightYOUTH MINISTRIES MOVIE NIGHT – February 9, 6:30PM at the Bairds.  Darla has several options and will choose a good one next week.  This is a great event to bring a friend!  (Remember our Meeting at Church on Sunday, Feb 11, at 6:00PM)

Feb 2, Play to Learn Class, 10AM in Oasis Room
Feb 4, Soup & Salad Luncheon, noon
Feb 7, Baby Basics, 10:00AM
Feb 9, Youth Ministry Movie Night at the Bairds, 6:30PM
Feb 11, Youth Ministries Meeting, 6:00PM in Fireside Room.
Feb 12, Council/Elder/Deacon Team Meetings, 6:30
Feb 13, Book Club Meeting at the new IHOP.  We’re reading “Early One Morning” by Virginia Baily
Feb 22, Classis Muskegon Meeting at Allan Ave. CRC
Feb 26, Celebration Church 14th Anniversary!
Apr 21, Annual Celebration Carnival


Remember: every prayer listed here has a name and a story attached to it.  At times we withhold some details but it is only to protect confidentiality.  Thanks for praying!

  • Pray for Ruth Ramirez’ sister Joyce who is very sick in San Antonio, TX.
  • Pray for Crystal Smith, Jackie Knight’s friend, whose baby was born 3 weeks premature.
  • Pray for those who struggle with depression during the winter.
  • Praise God Anna Strouse’s dad is cancer free!  May this status continue.  Pray for ear surgeries for 2 of her daughters at the end of the month.
  • Pray for those looking for a chuch home.
  • Pray for Pastor Fred in Balama, Mozambique who broke his leg on his way to preach in another village.
  • Pray for Jackie Knight will have surgery on her eye in February.
  • Pray for Kim Rhodes’ friend who is working through some emotional stress and fear.
  • “Pray for my family and friends.”
  • Pray for Pat Dunning to feel better after shoulder replacement surgery.
  • Pray for Deb Mart’s friend Jeremy after they removed his cancerous voicebox.
  • Praise God for forgiveness and reconcilliation over wrongs of the past.
  • Pray for our Small Groups as they grow closer to God and others.
  • Pray for Greg Stam and the efforts of Multiplication Network Ministries in Russia.
  • Pray for those in need of money management skills.
  • Pray for those looking for a church home.  May God guide them to where they can invest and thrive.
  • Pray for loved ones with apathy toward God.
  • Pray for “messy” people who we struggle to love as Christ loes.
  • Pray for Rudy Ramirez, Ruth’s brother, as he moves to a good nursing home. Pray for those with PTSD and the moments of re-living times of deep stress.
  • Pray for Jim Espinoza as he is recuperating from shoulder surgery on Wednesday.
  • Pray for the 3 new grandbabies born to Brenda Swanson’s daughter, Jenna.  She and the babies are now at home.
  • Pray for Sandy Ring’s friend, Val Warren, who is in the hospital with low platelets, low blood pressure, and a blood infection. Her health is fragile.
  • Pray for the new Building Project and also our financial support of it.
  • “I pray for my family members that live far away from me.”
  • Pray for those in marriages where divorce seems a definite reality.
  • Pray for further treatments for Lynn Pluger in her battle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.
  • Pray for small groups meeting presently and the groups scheduled to begin in February.
  • Pray for God’s guidance in the start of new relationships.
  • Pray for those battling addictions.

World Missions Prayers: PRAY FOR HONDURAS
Pray for continued freedom to produce and distribute Christian media.
Pray for amassed wealth to be used for God’s glory rather than materialistic excess.
Pray for Hong Kong to lead in proclaiming the Gospel to Chinese people worldwide.
Watch the Youtube video below to pray for this country [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijhh91GoSUQ]

Pastor Matt Eenigenburg
Celebration Community Church
1260 W. Sherman Blvd.
Muskegon, MI 49441

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