Fun Things to Know This Week – February 14

Related imageCHANGES COMING!
Here are a few changes coming at Celebration.

  1. Beginning on February 24, we will start broadcasting the Sunday Worship Service on the Celebration Facebook page instead of Pastor Matt’s.  This will point people to more things happening at Celebration too.
  2. We are sending out the Prayer Requests on Tuesday each week and the Celebration Midweek on Thursday.  The large email was too much in one email and often got overlooked.  We hope this is more manageable.

Small groups are forming and set to begin in early March.  Groups are where people can be more genuine and encouraging to others in their journey with Jesus.  Sunday morning worship is too big to do this.  Contact Brenda Swanson or Pastor Matt about joining a small group.

Have you created your “Intentional Plan” yet?  (This was the assignment from last Sunday morning from Colossians 3:1-14.)  Let me encourage you to make your plan to “GROW in Faith” for your own spiritual health.  You can revisit the service on our Youtube Channel by clicking HERE.  Your Intentional Plan includes:

  • My Sunday Worship
  • My Group: __________________________________
  • My Growing Partner(s): _______________________________________
  • My Alone Time: _____________________________________________

Next Meeting: Feb 17, 5:30-7:30PM.– Lesson: Telling the Story – Part 2″  Remember to do your homework!
Next Activity: Mar 8, 6:30PM – Movie Night at the Baird’s

Feb 15, Play and Learn, 10AM
Feb 17, Communion Sunday
Feb 17, Seeker Small Group meets in Room #1 after church
Feb 17, Youth Group Meeting, 5:30 in the Fireside Room
Feb 18, Diabetes Prevention Class, 1:00PM in Room #1
Feb 23, Council Retreat
Feb 24, Pray For Muskegon
Feb 24, Fellowship Team Meeting, Noon
Mar 8, Youth Group Movie Night at Baird’s, 6:30PM
Mar 10, Council Meeting, noon at Cerminaro’s


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