5 Things to Know This Week at Celebration + Prayers – July 26

Related image1. MORE HOMEWORK!  – This past Sunday at the end of the sermon, Pastor Matt gave the homework to 1) BUILD up 2 people with your words or actions and 2) attempt to BRIDGE a broken relationship by reaching out with a call, letter, or meeting.  (BTW, the best way to start is with the words “I’m sorry…”)  This Sunday we will ask people to give a report about how it went.  Be ready!

2. 5TH SUNDAY WORSHIP – July 30th is the 5th Sunday of the month.  The plan is to have the Oasis children worship with their parents the entire morning.  This gives both teachers and children a break.  We will have “Busy Bags” available if your child needs them.  We will also have a special time for the children during the service.

3. WEDNESDAY WOMEN’S BIBLE STUDY UPDATE – We be on vacation until August 23rd.  We will start a new study, “THE BROKEN WAY” by Ann Voskamp.  Take a look at this short video summery of the study.  Please consider joining us.  You will be blessed! For questions or to order a study guide, contact Sandy Hazelmeyer 231-557-7341  or Deb Mart 616-516-3414
4. ICE CREAM SOCIAL –Tuesday, August 1st, from 7:00-9:00 at the McGraft Park Bandshell. The Glenside Neighborhood is hosting this event which is FREE. The band playing that night is “Uneven Ground”, an Irish band that has a big following in the Grand Haven area.  They will be recording their performance LIVE that evening!
5. WEEKLY EMAILWe are looking for better (easier) ways to send out the weekly email.  So, we started using a WordPress blog site which will hopefully accomplish this.  If you get an email request to join the blog, this will be for the weekly email.
  • July 28, Play to Learn Class, 10:00AM at church
  • July 30, Celebrate Communion, 10:30AM
  • Aug. 7, Council/Elder/Deacon Team Meetings, 6:30PM
  • Aug. 1, Glenside Neighborhood Ice Cream Social, 7-9PM
  • Aug. 9, Unity Fest Free Day, 5:00-10:00PM
  • Aug. 23, Baby Basics, 10:00AM.
  • Aug. 23, Women’s Bible Study, 10:30AM.  We continue in “1000 Gifts” by Ann Voskamp. 


Prayer Focus: Dominican Republic

  • Pray for the practice of Biblical ethics among believing government officials.

  • Pray for the faithful few within the Catholic church to evangelize the nominal or uncommitted majority.

  • Pray for Dominican believers to reach out to Haitian immigrants with love and compassion.

  • For the video and more info, go to http://prayercast.com/dominican-republic.html.

Local Prayers:

  • Pray for Marilee Schut as her dad passed away on Tuesday morning.  Pray for safe travel as they attend funeral services in Minnesota.
  • Pray for Duane Gray as his foot his in bad shape.
  • Praise God for the Cadets safe return from the week-long International Camporee in South Dakota last week!
  • Praise God for birthdays and birthday cake!
  • Praise God for new nursery workers and their passion to care for our children!
  • Pray for reading programs like Play to Learn who battle illiteracy in Muskegon.
  • Pray for Freddie Rottman who is at Hackley Hospital.
  • Praise God for Khristian Matthew Knight born to Jackie last week!
  • Pray for Paula Blohm, John Barrett’s brother, and Lynn Pluger in their battles with cancer.
  • Pray for those in jail or prison.
  • Please pray for Eddie Anderson whose grandson Joel died in AZ recently.
  • Pray for those bridging broken relationships this week.
  • Pray for those selling homes and moving residences.
  • Roger and Sheri Doctor’s friend, Rosalie who had open heart surgery last week.
  • Praise God for friends and family to get us through the tough times.



Pastor Matt Eenigenburg

Celebration Community Church
1260 W. Sherman Blvd.
Muskegon, MI 49441


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