3 Things to Know This Week at Celebration

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1. Student Ministry Kick-Off Lunch, September 10, Noon


Calling all students and their parents!  Meet in the Fireside Room after church on September 10 after worship as we talk about the upcoming year for our students.  This is an exciting time to be at Celebration! God has big plans for them and we look to help them find it.

2. Upcoming Events






  • Aug. 23, Baby Basics, 10:00AM.
  • Aug. 23, Women’s Bible Study
  • Sep. 10, Student Ministries—Parent Meeting
  • Sep. 11, Council/Elder/Deacon Team Meetings
  • Sept. 24, Student Ministries Resumes for the fall!
  • Sep. 27, See You At The Pole
  • Oct. 15, Annual Chili Cook-Off

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3. Prayers

Focus: Ecuador

  • This is a country which is dear to my heart due to getting to know so many of the good people there!  Pray for good things to come for them!


  • Pray for wise government leaders who are committed to justice and willing to address difficult social issues


  • Pray for a spiritual maturity in the church that roots out false teaching and embraces a heart for the less evangelized


  • Pray for effectively trained workers equipped for addressing both physical and spiritual poverty

Local Prayers:

  • Thank you for your prayers for my family and I during our vacation.  I am almost fully recovered from a great trip and back into the groove.
  • Kim Rhodes asks for prayers for Cathy Noom who had emergency open heart surger over the weekend.  She is doing better now.
  • Pray for Greg and Sandy Hazelmyer who are selling their home in North Muskegon to move to Lakeside.  May it be hassle-free.
  • Pray for soldiers deployed around the globe.  May God keep them safely in his hands.
  • Pray for family members who are sick or battling cancer.
  • Pray for those in jail or prison.
  • Pray for Marilee Schut who will have surgery on Thursday.
  • Pray for those who carry the pain of marriage betrayal and those who carry the guilt of betrayal.  May God lead them to forgiveness and freedom.
  • Pray for the fall startup of the youth ministries.  May we all help build up the children of our church to be all that God has called them to be!

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