3 Things to Know This Week – July 11

Join us July 11 at 10:30AM for a trip through 1st Corinthians to study the many issues dealt with in the early church which we still deal with today. We will use a study by Melissa Spoelstra “First Corinthians: Living Love When We Disagree.”  Also, you are welcome to arrive at 10:00AM to make layettes for Baby Basics.  Hope to see you there!

The next Book Club meeting will be Tuesday, July 24 at 6:30PM at El Burrito Loco on Harvey Street near the mall.   We’ll discuss “Lost Among the Living” by Simone St. James.

On August 8 the gates at Heritage Landing will open for the start of Unity Fest!  Show up at 5:00PM or earlier if you want to save a place for the group.  Bring money for food but entry is free!  All of Celebration is invited to enjoy David Crowder, speaker David Palau, and other musical guests.  The night will end around 10:30PM.  This is one of the coolest times you will have all year!  Don’t miss it!


July 11, Baby Basics, 10:AM in Fireside Room
July 11, Women’s Bible Study, 10:30AM in Fireside Room.
July 13-14, POSTPONED: Couples Small Group Retreat
July 13, Play to Learn Class, 10:00AM in the Fireside Room
July 23, Couples Small Group Bible Study, 6:30PM in the Fireside Room
July 24, Pray for Muskegon
Aug 8, Unity Fest- Day Zero


  • Praise God for a good recovery for Roger Doctor (Brenda) from double knee replacement.
  • Pray for Ray, a Lakeside Community friend, who has cancer.
  • Pray for Jackie Knight’s dad who has colon and stomach cancer.
  • Pray for those looking for affordable housing in Muskegon.
  • Pray for Teresa, Jeff K’s wife, who is dealing with the side affects of being weaned off her medication.
  • Pray for those feeling left out and isolated.
  • Praise God for continued improvement in her battle with Hodgkins Lymphoma.
  • Pray for Jim Espinoza’s daughter who is having trouble with her intestines.  She is down to 84 pounds!
  • Pray for a quick recovery for Tom Fredrickson who had nose surgery last week.
  • Pray for Maria Ramirez’ sister Delores and brother Rudy who are having health issues.
  • “Pray for my grandkids that they may stay on the right path with the Lord.”
  • Pray for those who have had surgeries or injuries lately and need healing.
  • Pray for Lilia and safe travels to Ukraine.
  • Pray for Sandy Ring and her back issues.
  • Pray for Dan, Reyes Hinajosa’s co-worker who badly hurt his back.
  • Pray for those with unpublicized medical issues.
  • Pray for those looking for employment.
  • Pray for those who battle loneliness and depression.
World Missions Prayers: PRAY FOR LIBYA
  • Pray for a unified government that will rebuild the nation with justice and peace.
  • Pray for the tiny Libyan Church to be united and established despite intense persecution.
  • Pray for Jesus to reveal Himself to moderate and extremist Muslims alike.
  • Watch the Youtube video below to pray specifically for this country [http://prayercast.com/liberia.html]


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