Big Events and Bigger Prayers This Week!

On July 29 we are celebrating summer with Hawaiian shirts, ukuleles during the service, and ice cream sundaes afterwards!   Share the post to your Facebook page to invite others to show off their best shirt too!

On August 8 the gates at Heritage Landing will open for the start of Unity Fest!  Show up at 5:00PM or earlier if you want to save a place for the group.  Bring money for food but entry is free!  All of Celebration and your friends are invited to enjoy David Crowder, speaker David Palau, and other musical guests.  The night will end around 10:30PM.  This is one of the coolest times you will have all year!  Don’t miss it!

The new Children’s Area is almost done!  Take a tour to see what it will look like: Tiki Hut sign in, coffee bar in the Fireside Room, and cabinets in the Oasis and Children’s Nursery!  We are only $6500 short of completing the project!  Please send in your pledges or prayerfully consider financially supporting the project as we seek to finish well.


July 27, Play to Learn Class, 10:00AM in the Fireside Room
July 29, Hawaiian Shirt Sunday
Aug 1, Baby Basics, 10:AM in Fireside Room
Aug 1, Women’s Bible Study, 10:30AM in Fireside Room.
Aug 8, Unity Fest- Day Zero
Aug 13, Couples Small Group Bible Study, 6:30PM in the Fireside Room
Aug 24, Pray for Muskegon
Aug 26, Summer Ending Hot Dog Roast
Aug 26, Youth Group Summer Ending Party



  • Praise God for 4 full barns of food for Orphans Unlimited in Mozambique. They are now able to feed their children in the village for the year!
    Pray for Jackie Knights dad who is recovering from surgery to remove cancers.
  • Pray for greater cooperation between Muskegon churches.
  • Pray for Becky Fredrickson who will have eye surgery on Friday.
  • Pray for families who are not able to positively resolve conflicts.
  • Pray for Bill Essenberg who broke his arm and knee after a bike accident last week.  He has surgery on Thursday.
  • Pray for Jim Espinoza’s daughter who is having trouble with her intestines.
  • Praise God for a great mission trip to Honduras for Pastor Rick and his wife Carlita.
  • Pray for Pastor Matt’s friend Seth who was just deployed for 4 months in Afghanistan.
  • Pray for those still searching for purpose in this life.
  • Pray for those with deep struggles they do not tell anyone about.
  • Pray for God to make us uncomfortable with our impersonal distance from Jesus.
  • Pray for boldness to invite friends to hear God’s good news.
  • Pray for lives surrendered to Jesus at Unity Fest in August.
  • Pray for those involved in our community and making an impact for Jesus.
  • Pray for family conflicts which seem to be unfixable.
  • Pray for those feeling restless in their journey with Jesus.
  • Pray for God to continue his work in us to transform every area of our lives.
  • Praise God for continued recovery for Roger Doctor (Brenda) from double knee replacement.
  • Pray for Ray, a Lakeside Community friend, who is losing his fight with cancer.
  • Pray for Teresa, Jeff K’s wife, who is dealing with the side affects of being weaned off her medication.
  • Pray for those who have had surgeries or injuries lately and need healing.
  • Pray for Lilia DuRose for safe travels to Ukraine.
World Missions Prayers: PRAY FOR MADAGASCAR
  • Pray for well-trained Christian workers willing to serve in isolated areas with difficult living conditions.
  • Pray for honest government leaders with a vision to bring their country to financial and political stability.
  • Pray for supernatural effectiveness by ministries aimed at urban youth and outreach to isolated areas.
  • Watch this Youtube video to pray specifically for this country:

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